About Us

Once upon a time there was a little girl…

The little girl’s Grandma had a silver candy dish that was always overflowing
with love. The little girl could hardly wait to visit Grandma’s
house so she could lift the lid of the silver candy dish to
see what Grandma had left for her.
Jelly orange slices were her favorite—those perfect little slivers of happiness dusted
with sugar. Each sweet bite represented the deliciousness that was Grandma’s house.

Many years passed and the little girl grew up, but the love for Grandma’s silver candy dish
still remained in her heart. It became the inspiration behind
many poems and product ideas, and the cornerstone
from which her company, The Grandparent Gift Co., was
founded. The company now spreads love and sweetness
just as Grandma did, with gifts rich in sentiment and love
for all family members, created for all occasions.

So from the little girl still inside me and the wife, mother of 4 and
business owner I am now, I am thrilled you decided to join us at the Orange Slice.
We hope you find a delicious mix of inspiration, nostalgia, gift ideas,
grand news and, of course, your candy dish memories, too…



Hope to have a heart-to-heart soon!