What’s Your Dish? Teri Harrison

My grandmother kept a silver candy dish on her living room coffee table as long as I can remember. I also remember me and my two brothers and sister making a bee-line to the dish upon our arrival. Lifting the lid off we would find one of many beloved favorites..would it be bridge mix? jelly beans? butter mints? or jelly candies? Whatever the treat, my mom would be guaranteed to hear our shouts.

“Can we have one?! Can we have two!?”

There is no doubt the sweets were a draw for 4 young grandchildren, but as an adult, the sweets are a symbol of all the goodness of my grandparents’ home. The basement with the narrow wooden stairs that led to a world of treasures, a closet full of games and puzzles, a kitchen that never left us wanting, and a yard perfect for summertime lemonade stands, those were the real treats inside the “candy jar”.

And so, this is how my blog begins. Sharing and celebrating life’s sweetness with our family and friends. I would love to hear your “candy dish” stories. Email me with yours and we will post and share. Click on Candy Dish above to read the beginnings of our collection of stories. Please join me!



2 thoughts on “What’s Your Dish? Teri Harrison

  1. Thank you again, Teri, for my special Grandparent Co Prize box! It was like Christmas Day to open it up and find all the neat items that I selected. I will be proud to use some of the items as special gifts for my “new” grandparent friends and relatives. Not many contests let you pick your own prize! Good luck with your new blog. I will be reading!

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