10 Keepsake Gift Ideas to Welcome a New Grandbaby


1.  Hope Chest or Memory Box

As a new parent, you remember the thrills and trials of baby’s first year. During this time, busy new parents can always use help keeping baby’s memories together. Giving a special box or chest to put these things in will keep mementoes safely stored and in one place.

2.  Photographs

Remember to take lots of photographs. Arrange for a few special shots, you holding baby, baby holding your finger, their little toes.  There are so many “new” creative shots I started a board  on  Pinterest you can check out. Do a little research so you can put together some very memorable shots you will treasure forever. These are the ones you will want to frame and have as “keepers”.



3.  Plant a Flower or Tree

If you have the yard or garden, plant a flower or new tree for each new grandchild when they are born. It will always mean something to both of you as you watch the tree and your grandchild grow. It would be fun to take a photo of them next to the tree on every birthday.

4.  Time Capsule

Save the paper from the day baby is born, cards and letters of congratulations…these will be wonderful things for a time capsule or to give to Mom and Dad for baby’s memory box.

5.  First Gifts

Use this time to gift baby with a “first” gift, such as a silver first Christmas ornament, rocking horse, baby shoes or piece of jewelry such as a bracelet, charm or necklace. Gifts that can be used again are always special, such as a baby to bride or groom gift that can be part of a wedding, graduation or their first child.



6.  Welcoming Home

If it suits the personality and needs of the new parents, do something to welcome baby home such as a yard banner, sign or wreath, luminaries, lots of fresh flowers, or a fridge stocked with prepared food.

7.  Little Impressions

Give a gift that will allow Mom and Dad to get baby’s handprints and footprints. Make sure to get an extra, so you can get these adorable impressions for yourself as well!

8.  Collectibles

Perhaps you have given a gift to a previous grandchild that would be a great tradition to continue. Ideas such as piggy banks, collectible figurines, embroidered or handmade blankets or bedding or the start to a college fund are all ideas to consider. Another idea would be to give each grandchild something special that belongs to you that you want to pass down to them.

9.  Something from Parent’s Babyhood

If you have a baby keepsake from your child who is now a parent, the birth of their child would be a wonderful time to pass it on. Perhaps you saved a baby outfit, birth announcement or other keepsake that could be beautifully framed and passed on.

10.  Letter for the future

Write a letter to the new grandbaby on the day they are born. Take all of those wonderful emotions and share them in a letter that will be treasured forever.


The Joy of Parenting: Discovering Love is Infinity…

With Valentine’s Day in the air, hearts and love are everywhere.

I was working our annual tradeshow booth recently, and as I have come to experience, grandparent love is always in the air.

So many customers are grandparents, and each has heartwarming stories about their grandparenting experience. I heard about a playroom being designed with a lollipop theme, receiving pregnancy news over the holidays, and plans for an upcoming grandchild sleepover they couldn’t wait to get home to.

As I happily nod and listen to the glowing stories and unabashed happiness, I thought, what is it that grandparents have? Why at this time in life does everything seem so much “lovelier”. I thought back to my own experience as a new Mom to understand.

As a new mother, I was stunned…no, blown away by the love I felt for my first child. What an “ah-ha” moment in life. Did my mother feel this way about me? Was that why she was always interested in where I was, keeping in touch, wanting to make sure I was ok? Was that the reason she often said, “We are doing this because we love you?’

Was love the reason she cried when I moved across the country, and without reserve spent months away from home to help care for me and my newborn twins?

OK, now I get it…I mean I really get it.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I had the same thoughts many Moms having their second child have. You question how you could possibly love another child as much as the first. It is so big, so awesome, so consuming, is it possible to feel that for another? And how about another and another?
But motherhood is amazing because the answer is simply and easily answered -YES.

That’s it.

The second arrives and you are again blown away. Your heart doesn’t say, “Sorry that’s enough, you’ve given all the love you have. If anyone wants more, they will have to share.” No in fact, your heart grows.

The challenge in mothering is as your children get older convincing them of this. They endlessly vie for your time and attention. They measure your love like slicing the last remaining piece of cake in perfectly equal portions.

They are unaware although your time is finite, your love is not.

The heart is not something to divvy out in equal portions. When they say a child is always a part of you, I think what they mean is you have a unique heart inside you for each of them.

And so I see the magic of grandparents. Grandparents have been through parenthood and know without a doubt, with 100% certainty that they can love without condition, because they learned love is infinity.

They get it.

There is no time needed to figure things out, it was done long ago. Grandparents are joyful and giving because they understand loves mystery and when given a second chance they fill the air with love just like Valentine’s Day.