Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

As you begin your search for Grandparent’s Day gift ideas, have a little fun and join our Facebook Grandparent’s Day contest.

Grandparent’s Day was established in 1978 to celebrate the important role grandparents play in the lives of family. The second Sunday in September, Grandparent’s Day is on Sept. 7, 2014.

In recognition of grandparents, our contest highlights are in the video link below. Follow the Orange Slice Contest link to watch and enter by August 24, 2014. The orange slice is our companies “mascot” for grandparents. When I was a little girl, Grandma’s candy dish was a symbol of all the sweetness that was Grandma’s house. It has been the inspiration from many of my companies sentimental gifts.

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For great ideas on ways to celebrate Grandparent’s Day in your family, check out some of our grandparent blog posts.

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Grandparent’s Day Idea: Host a Grandchild Party

Come have some fun and win a candy jar for your home. We will fill it through out this year with fun nostalgia candies and as a bonus, we will add your favorites too!


Gifts for Grandpa for Father’s Day

Thank you to for sharing our recommendations for gifts for Grandpa for Father’s Day. Check out her blog where Teresa dishes about the second half of the Motherhood journey!

Here are a few highlights…

Finding thoughtful gifts for grandpas, granddads, papas and pops, or whatever their name of endearment, can be a shopping challenge. Grandpa may be a softie, a jokester, a fixer or a storyteller, but he probably loves a thoughtful, personal gift from the grandkids on Father’s Day. (that’s what happens when you get older!)

To ease your search, I have compiled The Grandparent Gift Co.’s top 5 thoughtful gifts grandpas for Father’s Day.

There is a little something for the different types of grandpas, but each combine poignant words from the heart with a beautiful gift he will brag about…. READ MORE HERE


To shop more thoughtful gift ideas for Grandpa for Father’s Day, visit our Father’s Day Gift page fore more ideas!

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